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Meet Our Staff

Diesel Technician


Diesel Technician

Dustin's journey with Diesel's started when he was just a young kid. While he was growing up, the way things worked fascinated him. He spent his time taking apart everything he could find to reverse engineer them and figure out how they work. In 2008, Dustin graduated from Banks County High School and Attended Wyotech. After graduating from Wyotech, Dustin went to work at Gainesville Diesel. There he was largely self taught and learned a lot from hands on experience. Dustin can do anything from rebuilding a transmission to fixing the rear end of you car, and now has over 10 years of experience in the diesel industry, 8 of those being with 441 Diesel. In his free time Dustin loves to ride jet skis, fish, or play card games with his friends, but there is nothing Dustin loves more than working and hanging out with his friends at the shop.




Silvano is one of the newest additions to the 441 Diesel team. Silvano has been around Banks County since he was a kid, and has known 441 Diesel owner Kim since he was just 16 years old because he used to work on her farm. Silvano is married, and has two lovely children, an 8 year old and a 2 year old. In 2019 Silvano started working at 441 Diesel, where he serves as an expert welder and plumber. We have yet to find a job, no matter how crazy, that Silvano couldn't handle. Silvano is also a horse trainer, and loves to spend his free time with his family and with his horses.

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Diesel Technician

Zach grew up wanting to be like his big brother and friends who loved working on cars and trucks, and as a kid he didn't just want to be like them, but wanted to be better. Zach graduated from Commerce High School in 2009, then went to Young Harris College. During his first semester, he discovered he had Type I Diabetes, and ended up moving back home to work in the family business. He started off sweeping the floors and cleaning up, but quickly started finding himself working on smaller trucks. As time went on, Zach learned more and more with the guys at the shop, and has now taken over the shop since his brother left. In 2013, Zach married the loved of his life Megan, and now they have two lovely daughters. Zach is a deacon at his family's church in Maysville, and there's nothing he loves more on the weekends than playing games, watching sports, and just hanging out with family and friends. Zach loves working at 441 Diesel because he always feels like it's his family, and he can't wait to see how they grow together as technicians and people.

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Brandon was born and raised in Commerce GA. Ever since he was young he has had a passion for anything on wheels with an engine. After high school Brandon attended the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Fl, where he learned the ins and outs of the motorcycle industry. From there, he began working at 441 Diesel, where he loves studying diesel engines and the theories behind them. Brandon loves doing hands on work and looks forward to finding new ways to challenge his skills and knowledge with the new tech and innovations  coming out every day in the diesel world. "When you pay attention to detail, the big picture will take care of itself." 2 Timothy 2:15



Office Manager

Born and raised just 2 miles from 441 Diesel, Lesia still lives on her family farm with her husband Mike.
Lesia has two kids, a son named Hunter and a Daughter named Taylor. Lesia has been with 441 Diesel since August of 2018 as the office manager, where she handles the phones, payments, and all the other things important to keep our office rolling smoothly.




Kim Orr is proud to be able to say she was born, raised, schooled & lived in Banks County her entire life. Kim is married, and has two children who have worked with her , A.J. and Zach. Believe it or not, Kim's first passion wasn't  to work on Diesel trucks. In 1985, she graduated from the UGA with an MIS Degree, later she would also acquire her Masters in Accountancy and become a CPA. First, Kim worked at Athens First B&T and became Vice Pres./Controller, but in 2003, she ended up working as an accountant at a diesel shop in Gainesville. There Kim learned a lot about the industry, and in 2010,  441 Diesel was established. Kim has made it her mission to provide a opportunity close to home for the young men with the initiative and work ethic to match her own. Together, with her two sons and Dustin, and everyone who has joined the journey along the way, they have built one of the best diesel shops in Northeast Georgia.

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